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Zirconia Starfighter photo-shootings, news - updates (Athens GR)

February found me in Samos island at Charama club with some other dancers and performers from Megadance, one of my agencies, mostly known for my bookings in Athens Erotic Dream Expo. And by the way, this year's Erotic Dream will take place at EKEP again, in May the 31st and will last till the 2nd of June 2013. So, get ready for some more appearances of mine in spring and summer. I already got booked for some gigs in June, July and August. Most pics will be uploaded here soon. All I can remember from that experience is that, islands are not so alive finally in winter. I saw people coming at the club but the streets out there were completely empty and the weather was the worst I could even imagine. I returned home sick, going down with a flu. 

Being busy for the whole December and half of January in Loutraki for the Fairyland expo/event and Santa Claus' Village Park, then Samos and, many graphic works and photo-shootings in between, I had no time for updates but, you will see many pictures as soon as I find some time on my blogspot and tumblr which gets very popular as I see. In case you want to catch me up on a gig, please, check out my online calendar for upcoming events.You can also check out some picture updates in the Fairyland Gallery of mine here. As you might notice, I was participating there as an animatrice and performer as well (dressed up every day as a snpw-fairy, angel, elf, princess and Mrs Santa-Claus). Most photos were made by Photographics Center in Loutraki (Korinthos, Greece) and, mainly by Anna. 

This is the 1st part of pics, I will post more on my next blogposts as my shows are missing from here at the moment (apart from some small fire-show acts close to the huge Vhristmas Tree there). As a performer, I shared the same stage with Paul Dee, Stefany Lo, Nevma, Constantinos Christoforou, Thelxi, Gogo Garyfallou & more artists at my one and only Grinding Party-Monster show, plus some fire-shows. Additionally, I used some few magic tricks along with Iowolve with sticks, ribbons, fans and fake snow. It was majestic there for Christas and New year's Eve. Plus, I learnt how to cope with children, a task which was never my strongest one. At the 10th of February I attended and video-shooted a gig of Soulfree -the band of Agamemnon (Fame Story reality and talent show on TV). Here's a small part of my effort. 

During this month Alt Life Magazine started circulating for the first time in our country; the first Greek magazine ever that has to do with the alternative and fetish scene. I believe it was something we all needed to see and, I wish it good start. Since we have crisis here, it will be a bit difficult for it to get the popularity it deserves but, at least a start was finally realized. You will find two articles of mine in it: The first one is about the 21st annual Wave Gotik Treffen 2012 at Leipzig, Germany. The second article has to do with the darkest alternative venues of Athens. I also added some few outside of Athens, so, enjoy reading! My cooperation with Fotis and Katerina on the #1 issue was just great and, of course you shouldn't miss some of the fabulous photographic works by John Tsilidis. I am featured on two wonderful 'Alt Life' posters.  

Can't believe that my photos from 2007 and 2009 are still being in use. That's just awesome! In the meantime we created some more amazing photos -this year- with John and you can view them at my new Cyberesque fashion section here on my website and at the "Hollywood Fetish" section. The names are taken from a) the famous fashion designer whose clothes I am wearing and from b) the hotel room of Priamos Hotel. This place is already using my pics at the main hotel entrance PC and laptop screens so, wait until you see more pictures and works coming.

At the first of March I start video-shooting after a long-long time for TVDOO telecasts, with Gogo and Derek, this time a bit smoothly as we are celebrating carnival here in Greece. Gotta chose some fancy outfits again. Till you see me on TV again, you can also enjoy my new interviews on Fixe Magazine (print-screen of it here - USA) and Alt Fashion (print-screen of it here - UK) which took place also in February. I definitely loved their questions! Don't forget to read my first interview I ever gave on a site, for Socialistas.gr and Goddess Hiliana whose work and personality I truly & deeply appreciate. Additionally, you can also read some other articles of mine such as "Autumn/Fall", exclusively on my personal site column 'Memories of an Alternative/Fetish Muse' which got founded after my own Zirconia Starfighter interview given there by the site's main editor and owner.  

Especially my interview with Goddess Hiliana took extremely many views and likes. Thank you all so much! More prints, interviews, TV appearances and parties are coming. At the 13th of February I participated with Angel Hope Naava at Shamone club -a club of Greek celebrities & famous artists- for the 'Anti-Valentine's Eve' Party that Fotis Sergoulopoulos organized, along with the other club owners and party organizers there. I will upload photos on this section as soon as I get them. You will also find me performing at the 16th of March along with the TVDOO party at Flou cafe-club in Athinon-Chalkidos 22 Ave. At the 12th of April S-Clash is coming back in Athens along with Addicted 2Bass Event/Party team (and record company) to offer one more of their excellent international festivals and, I am already included in this as a top class performer. 


As I haven't been in London the last years, it's so perfect that London is coming here with the most amazing events and, I am proud being a part of it every single time, along with the most famous international performers. My next events take place in April, May, June, July and August. It's still early to reveal them all but I just posted here some pics just to let you get the idea of some of them. Can't tell you more yet... So, enjoy! Closer, in April the 27th, I will be at Highway club again, for my Grinding Party-Monster performance. The picture which got chosen for the poster was one from my newest photo-shootings, of which I am really satisfied.  


That's all for now, there are much more to post though (photo-shootings, 'Zirconia Starfighter' interviews and more to reveal later). 

TUS ft Eleanna Azouki - An Eho Agapi - Official Video Clip (HQ)  

I should mention that I participated at another kick-ass video-clip in January, which will be broadcasted on MAD TV and MTV Greece close to Easter. The video-clip's diretor was the famous Manolis Tzirakis of Spicy. Till then, you can all enjoy the participation of Iowolve at another anti-Valentine song and video clip of Tus by Spicy Official, the record company of Fivos. Stay tuned and have fun!  

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